Front Yard Makeover

Have I mentioned that we’re only the second owners of our lovely little California bungalow? Well, we are and the elderly couple who first purchased the home in 1946 lived into their mid-90’s. The neighbors have wonderful stories to share about them and I love that our home has such good vibes.

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Tutu fit for a Queen Bee

While searching for a gift for our niece I came across so many cute tutu’s on Etsy. My general rule: why buy it when I can make it? A traditional pink tutu just wouldn’t work for a girl named Clara Bee hence the light yellow, black, and white color palette. All you need is elastic, tulle, and some thread for this project.

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Craigslist like a bandit! Chair makeover

When the fiancé (now husband) and I moved into our second San Francisco apartment we acquired a little more space. And by more space I mean room for small chairs in our living room. Do you know what the rental market is like in SF? Let’s just say two bedrooms is a luxury! 

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