We Bought a House… and It Needs Work!

My husband and I have rented in San Francisco for around two years and we LOVE the City, but as you may know SF housing prices are some of the highest in the country.

It became abundantly clear that we would not be able to afford a home within SF. Like many people seeking affordability and proximity we started looking for a home in the East Bay. We found a fantastic first home in San Leandro. As you can see, it’s a fixer upper… something I’m incredible excited about.

Living Room


We looked at so many contractor flips that were done poorly. Why pay for cheap fixtures with somebody else’s taste and very little character? Our home was built in 1946 and the original owners lived there until passing in their mid-90’s. Not in the home… everyone asks so I figured I’d tell you. Can you guess what decade they stopped doing upgrades? Judging by the light fixture, valance, and outdated furnace I’d say it was the 70’s. Continue reading for some museum worthy green linoleum.


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