POW! Tissue Paper Flowers

If you want maximum bang for your buck than I highly recommend tissue paper flowers.

You may recall my friend Carrie from the Bridal Shower Tea Party, she’s getting married next week, woot! For most of her guests this is a destination wedding so she and her fiance are hosting a welcome party. They’re renting a cool loft space in San Francisco’s Mission District, but it’s pretty stark. Enter the tissue paper flowers to soften and liven it up!

Tissue Paper Flowers

Carrie purchased six packs or so of assorted tissue paper and we made them in various sizes using this tutorial from Two Twenty One.  Don’t feel like the measurements have to be exact… in nature flowers are never the same size… this is what I tell myself as I assemble. 🙂

I’ll follow-up with a post after we decorate the event space. There are three garbage bags full of these bright beauties.

Tissue Paper Bouquet

Oh and this was our craft fuel! Carrie says there’s only a half cup of sugar and that the muffins were healthy, but really I’ve never been one to turn down baked goods either way.

Craft Fuel

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