Cocktail Napkins

Ever need a great hostess or housewarming gift? A set of cocktail napkins makes the perfect little favor and can be made to match the recipient’s style.


My friend Susan and her husband, Tommy, host “Friendsgiving” every year. They clear all of the living room furniture out of their tiny… read cute… Nob Hill apartment. Everything is stuffed into their bedroom (sofa, side table, I’m mean everything!) The bedroom, as stuffed as the bird! Then a dozen or so people pack the living room and enjoy delicious grub with friends we love like family. You know the saying… you pick your friends not your family. “Friendsgiving” makes so much sense!



Recently, Susan and Tommy moved into a bigger apartment because they’re expecting their first child this summer. Yay Baby Boom 2014!  (I’ll write about their baby blanket soon.)

I knew a fabulous hostess like Susan would appreciate cocktail napkins. She has the classiest kegerator and bar cart.  Yes, I used kegerator and classy in the same sentence.


Napkin1Here’s the tutorial I used to make the napkins from CraftStylish. The mitered corners turned out wonderful. There’s no point in writing up a tutorial because hers is so good! But, I am an instant gratification type gal so my version has a machine stitched hem. One of these days I’ll slow down and hand stitch… maybe.

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