Our Home

We bought our first home! After renting for two years in San Francisco the Mr. and I quickly realized our dual income, no kids status was not enough to afford the SF market. Nonetheless, we’re incredibly fortunate to have found a fixer with great bones in the East Bay (where it’s sunnier!)


The house was built in 1946 and well maintained, but probably last cosmetically upgraded in the 1970’s. Green linoleum pics to come, I promise. So right away we knew there were projects to tackle during the one month overlap of our rented apartment and new home.

Here are all of the before pictures. Because I’ve been so neglectful of the blog many of the rooms are now drastically different. But let’s not be too hard on ourselves… I’m writing now.

Entry way and living room. The previous owners had built a temporary wall making the dining room into a third bedroom. You can kind of see where it was in the picture on the left. The house showed terribly and looked dark, which is likely how we got it. The living room walls were mint green, the valance avocado, and the green lamp was the sole light source.

Before.EntryWay Before.LivingRoom


Kitchen. Alas, not much has changed because we’re not made of money. Green linoleum, I always make good on a promise.

Before.KitchenNook Before.KitchenStove

Master bedroom and second bedroom.

Before.MasterBedroom Before.Bedroom

Bathroom. More mint, but not so fresh feeling.

Before.BathroomSink Before.BathroomShower Before.Bathroom

Garage. Yup, that’s a bench seat. Apparently, the two boys who grew up in the house were dancers so Marge and Angelo hosted dance parties. I mean the green floral fabric is pretty groovy.


Back yard. The orange trees produce delicious fruit! However, tree rats are a real thing. The challenges of home ownership!

Before.BackYardShed Before.BackYardPatio


Hope to have some “after” shots and full project posts up soon!

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